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How To Fix HBO Go Blank Screen And Video Issues On Roku

How To Fix HBO Go Blank Screen And Video Issues On Roku

Nowadays, a user can stream any kind of content on their Smart TV with Roku streaming device. You can watch your favorite contents on Roku device. There are numbers of channels along with Movies and TV shows are providing by Roku.  Here we will talk about HBO go Roku channel; The HBO Go Roku channel is a well-known channel. You can watch hit movies and award-winning shows in HBO Go channel. Activate this channel by visit If you will have ever found Blank screen and Videos issues with HBO GO channel then here we are giving you some troubleshooting steps or to Solve HBO Now Issues On Roku Player:

If HBO Go channel stops playing the video then the initial troubleshooting step you should use is:

  1. Basically, you need to restart your device after closing all programs.
  2. When your device is started properly you need to stream videos from HBO go channel.

Troubleshooting steps for blank screen

  • Try to check the browser

The Roku channels stream videos on a capable browser. So try to use a capable web browser that supports for HBO Go channel. Further, if you have installed multiple browsers on your device, then try to play the video on another one. Also, you can check for a list of supported browsers to Roku channels on our official page.

If you are watching HBO Go from Chrome browser then clear the history and cache files, here are the steps how you can clear your browser history:

  1. Initially, go to the Chrome browser and simply enter here ‘Clear Cache’ and you can see the steps to clear the cache then you should follow the given instructions.
  2. After Complete clearing, again go to the chrome browser and reopen it from your device.
  3. Now, you need to log in to HBO go page and once again activate your service by logging.
  4. Hope the above procedure will help you to resolved the issue of the blank screen, now try to play any video from HBO go channel.
  • The configuration of the Roku streaming device

The Roku streaming device needs an activation process to play the contents, so if you still do not have set up your Roku device then you are unable to watch anything on your TV screen.

Basically, start your Roku streaming device then you need another device to activate Roku player, you should connect your Roku streaming device to a secure internet connection. Now, simply visit and enter the activation code into your “Roku account” screen then submit it.

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