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How To Block Content Using Parental Control On Roku

Roku Parental Control

How To Setup Parental Control On Roku

Parental controls, also identified as restricted, let you control which features, apps, content your kids can and cannot access on their mobile and computer devices.  Furthermore, the term parental controls relate to traits that blocked admittance to videos or TV shows depends upon the movie or TV shows grade.

Parental controls for streaming channels

Although various channel providers support viewing TV shows and movies that have been evaluated alike to the MPAA and TV Parental Guidelines, various channels providers allow you to view shows that have no rating.

Content offered by a channel

It is the liability of each channel provider to show how the content within their channels is determined. Furthermore, the rating information for a particular channel is displayed in the Roku channel store as follows:

Content Rated: The channel provider says that the content within their channel is determined according to the official TV shows and movie ratings.

Content Not Rated: The channel provider declares that the content within their channel is not rated according to the official TV shows and movie ratings.

Moreover, to discover the content information represents above, follow the beneath guidelines:

  1. First and foremost, hold the “Home” key from your Roku remote.
  2. Next, scroll up and down and choose “Streaming channels”.
  3. Then, you need to browse a category or search for a particular channel.
  4. Further, if you locate a channel that you beloved, then hold “OK” from your Roku remote control to open the details and see the content description.

How to control who can supplement or acquire channels from the Roku channel store?

Also, Roku furnishes traits that permit you to control who can supplement or acquire Roku channels from Roku channel store by needing 4-digits PIN.

Parental control traits on Roku players

The steps beneath illustrate how TV Store and Movie Store can be hidden from the main screen on your Roku player.

  1. Push the “Home” key from your Roku remote.
  2. Next, pull down and choose “Settings”.
  3. Then choose “Home screen”.
  4. Now highlight TV Store and Movie Store and choose Hide.

Parental control features on Roku TV

Roku TV gives a huge variety of parental controls than Roku players, essentially because they give access to broadcast television utilizing an external antenna attached to the Antenna TV input of the Roku TV.

If you want to access parental controls for your Roku TV, then you must follow the below guidance:

  1. First, hold the “Home” key.
  2. Now navigate to settings and then choose “Parental controls”.

If you are accessing Parental control at the first time, then you need to generate a 4-digit PIN that will be utilized for allowing/disallowing parental controls and switch associated settings. Do not forget your PIN.

Important: Remember that your parental control PIN is distinct from your Roku account.

Besides, if you previously created a parental control PIN, then you need to enter it before locating the Parental controls menu.

Hope these methods will work for you. If still, you are encountering problems, again and again, you can take help from www roku com link activate at any time.

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