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Steps To Setup VPN On Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Vpn Setup

Various ways have been developed to latest Roku streaming stick, which incorporates making use of a virtual private network. Adding VPN to Roku streaming stick will make it also stable while streaming through a device and provides the chance to stream content that is blocked in a specific region. Besides, if you want to setup VPN on Roku streaming stick, you must have account. Hereabouts you can see specifications of IPVanish

  • Complete Privacy
  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Multi-Device Support

For a DD-WRT router

  1. First and foremost, select OpenVPN for valid security but if you choose the speed at the cost of security benefits then move to PPTP.
  2. Next, go to DD-WRT administration page by typing
  3. Then hit on “Services” tab at the head of the page and enter your authentication.
  4. Under services, you must tap on Enable System Log and save it. Moreover, it enables the IPVanish support team to expertly help you if something works wrong during this process.
  5. After that, tap the VPN sub-tab. In OpenVPN client then tap on Enable.
  • Server IP/Name: type in the IPVanish host. You can view for particular hostname by logging into the regular IPVanish app.
  • Port: 443
  • Tunnel Device: Choose TUN
  • Hash Algorithm: Pick SHA256
  • Encryption Cipher: Prefer AES-256-CBC
  • Tunnel Protocol: Choose TCP
  • Advanced Options: Tap Enable
  • In Advanced Options, enter each of the following
  • Utilize LZO Compression: Tap Enable
  • Nat- Click Enable
  • TUN MTU Setting: Configured at 1500
  • TLS Cipher: Choose AES-256-SHA
  1. In CA Cert and copy text to CA cert.
  2. Review settings, click on save button. From there, move back to head and click Security.
  3. Under security, At Log Management, you need to click “Enable” followed by choosing high from the drop-down menu. At the bottom, click Save.
  4. A while later, tap on Administration, under that hit on the commands sub tab.
  5. Further, tap on “Save Startup” and you are going to see information that you entered a few seconds ago.
  6. Again in the Admin tab, click on the Management sub-tab. Pull down and click reboot router. A while later, move to a website where you can test the speed of your internet and to check if the IP address has been an update or not. In case it is updated, at that point, the VPN has successfully been installed.
  7. 12. At last, you will be ready to surf the geographically-blocked content.

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